libomapi 0.1.9
Posted on 2017.01.09 by Paul Varga
New FBX (ASCII) import support. Many changes.
libomapi 0.1.8
Posted on 2016.11.15 by Paul Varga
Commited many fixes that were long overdue.
libomapi 0.1.7
Posted on 2016.11.05 by Paul Varga
All changes since the last release are again uploaded. The documentation for the modified file formats has also been updated.
libomapi 0.1.6 and libOMA 0.0.21
Posted on 2007.11.04 by Paul Varga
All changes since the last release over three years ago are uploaded as versions 0.0.16 and 0.0.21. A Subversion repository is now active (more information can be found on the files page).
libomapi 0.1.5
Posted on 2004.03.23 by Paul Varga
I was putting off uploading another snapshot until I'd done something significant, but since I haven't done anything for a while I'm uploading one just for the bug fixes included. If SourceForge sets up a Subversion system (I don't like SourceForge's CVS much), I promise I'll give it a try to prevent such things in the future ;).
libomapi 0.1.4
Posted on 2004.03.09 by Paul Varga
The new chunk types are largely unfinished, I wouldn't advise relying on them yet (not that I'm particularly worried anyone will ;)) because they'll likely need to changed further before they're really useful. What's done of the MS3D loader is included, but it's partly unfinished and highly untested in parts (the resulting bone orientations). I wanted to get this release online early mainly due to other bug fixes.
New chunks and formats in progress
Posted on 2004.02.26 by Paul Varga
Working on adding bone, body (skinned bones), and tag chunk types. This was prompted partly by their need for loading such formats as Quake's MD4 and Milkshape's MS3D, for which I'm working on loaders. It's taking a bit longer than I expected, so I thought I'd post something to let others know I have not relapsed into neglecting the project again :).
libOMA 0.0.20
Posted on 2004.02.18 by Paul Varga
libOMA now has access to libomapi's new formats. I need to add some more chunk types soon to make certain 'advanced' features managable in modern formats...
libomapi 0.1.3
Posted on 2004.02.18 by Paul Varga
Added a MD3 loader. libOMA will be updated sometime in the future to utilize these new formats.
libomapi 0.1.2
Posted on 2004.02.16 by Paul Varga
Fixed a single bug in the 3DS loader and added a MD2 loader. No other changes this time.
libomapi 0.1.1
Posted on 2004.01.04 by Paul Varga
I updated libomapi with lots of new stuff. There are a couple recognized issues wandering around in this release and I do hope to get them fixed by the next release.
libOMA 0.0.18
Posted on 2004.01.01 by Paul Varga
I updated libOMA again, because of some stupid but very intrusive bugs and because I added some new features. The documentation has been being updated slowly on the site from the in-source documentation, and this release includes all of those updates too.
Posted on 2003.12.30 by Paul Varga
This is the first release of libomapi 0.1.x: 0.1.0. It's a "works for me" release, meaning that it still needs a lot of testing. I've also released the new version of libOMA that takes advantage of the new libomapi. The website will be updated to reflect the major changes as quickly as I can get around to it.
Approaching 0.1.x
Posted on 2003.12.12 by Paul Varga
Okay, there's a pre-release of the newer libomapi 0.1.x uploaded now. It's untested compared to most code I'd call a "release", so be warned.

Also, I've fixed some of the file format documentation (four typos, basically).
Approaching 0.1.x
Posted on 2003.12.12 by Paul Varga
I have a mostly-working but incomplete libomapi 0.1.x at the moment. A completely rewritten (Bison/Flex based) Wavefront OBJ import routine is complete. The rest of the input routines need to be rewritten and likewise with many of the output routines (which are generally easier to write). But, progress is progress, I suppose.
Another update on stagnancy
Posted on 2003.10.26 by Paul Varga
I'm working on the libomapi and libOMA (to be 0.1.x, I suppose) rewrites. I'm trying to make libomapi more like glib this time around as well as linking with it so that I don't have to write certain simple things again. libOMA's rewrite has had some work put into it as well, but it's still a decent bit from being finished as well (not that libOMA is that difficult/time-consuming compared to libomapi, since the latter does most of the work for it).

But, overall, this update is just to let people know of my long-term intent.
Completely redone, not dead yet
Posted on 2003.8.17 by Paul Varga
Ah, I finally took the time to completely re-do the whole website. It seems to work decently in virtually every browser (Mozilla/other-Gecko-based-browsers, Konqueror, Opera, and well-enough in 'lesser' browsers like Dillo and Lynx/Links; untested in IE, as always =P). Some of the documentation is lagging a bit, but it's good enough for now.

I'm thinking of redoing libOMA in the spirit of the newer server-side generic data features of OpenGL at some point. Of course, I'd leave libOMA 0.x.x alone and start another branch. In some-odd months/weeks (depending half upon my mood) I'll probably get back to working on the file format support of libomapi too.
More randomness
Posted on 2003.7.1 by Paul Varga
Fixed half of the problems caused by the link dealie by making it over completely and more simply (no CSS 3 stuff, et cetera). I do this type of thing when I get bored =P.
Posted on 2003.6.19 by Paul Varga
Since I'm sitting around doing nothing, and probably will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, I decided to package up new versions and release them. Not as much has been done in this release as I would like, but I might was well release it considering the existing changes are significant. Logo Valid XHTML 1.0! Valid CSS!