Updated Documentation
Posted on 2017.07.01 by Paul Varga
The documentation has been updated to reflect 0.1.10 and the repository's current file formats.
libomapi 0.1.10
Posted on 2017.05.02 by Paul Varga
I removed deprecated chunk types, generalized animation data types, and cleaned up the code significantly.
libomapi 0.1.9
Posted on 2017.01.09 by Paul Varga
New FBX (ASCII) import support. Many changes.
libomapi 0.1.8
Posted on 2016.11.15 by Paul Varga
Commited many fixes that were long overdue.
libomapi 0.1.7
Posted on 2016.11.05 by Paul Varga
All changes since the last release are again uploaded. The documentation for the modified file formats has also been updated.
libomapi 0.1.6 and libOMA 0.0.21
Posted on 2007.11.04 by Paul Varga
All changes since the last release over three years ago are uploaded as versions 0.0.16 and 0.0.21. A Subversion repository is now active (more information can be found on the files page).
libomapi 0.1.5
Posted on 2004.03.23 by Paul Varga
I was putting off uploading another snapshot until I'd done something significant, but since I haven't done anything for a while I'm uploading one just for the bug fixes included. If SourceForge sets up a Subversion system (I don't like SourceForge's CVS much), I promise I'll give it a try to prevent such things in the future ;).
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